Working with ATV quad bikes

ATV Training

A full day course for 1 or 2 riders, this course suits the rider whose job requires them to use an ATV at work.

If sufficiently experienced, this can incorporate loads and implements within a day’s training. For the new or inexperienced rider, a second training day may be required to achieve the loads and implements module.

If required, training can be delivered on your own site if this better reflects the terrain you operate on or it meets your needs more appropriately.

Topics covered include:

  • Primary PPE
  • Vehicle checks
  • Starting and moving off
  • Stop and safe stop positions
  • Steering
  • Ascents
  • Failed Ascents
  • Descents
  • Sideslopes
  • Ditches and Ridges
  • Loads and Implements (if required) 
ATV quad bike training at work

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