Ford Ranger pick up truck off road at work

Occupational Training

Every employer has a duty of care to train their staff. Driving a 4×4 vehicle off road or using a quad bike is no exception. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER ’98) states:

Self propelled equipment, including any attachments or towed equipment, should only be driven by workers who have been trained to drive it safely.

Can-AM UTV driving through water splash off road

All training should be needs driven, catering to the requirements of individual drivers. Our training follows BORDA’s Basic, Standard and Higher syllabus. All of our events are authorised under Statute 1371 of the Road traffic act 1992 (Off Road Regulations) and are carried out by a fully accredited British Off Road Driving Association trainer.

We provide training to many oganisations including Emergency Services, National Park Authorities, Fell Rescue Teams, Utility Companies and St. John’s Ambulance.

We recommend using your own vehicles to give a more realistic understanding of your 4×4’s capabilities and operating systems – allowing us to tailor training to your vehicle. Alternatively, our vehicles can be used.

The design of our site allows the trainee to build skills as the event progresses, including confirming understanding of the vehicle’s operating systems before developing an ability to assess terrain throughout the training.

At the end of the event the trainee will have developed an understanding of the principles required to drive off road safely in the terrain they encounter at work.

Trainees receive a certificate of attendance issued by BORDA and endorsed by the IOPD.

Occupational training vehicle

Bespoke training requirements

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